items are available for pick up at 


13 Corey Rd. Ashburnham, MA   

(off of Corey Hill or Center St.)


Elastic is given out in 15 yard increments. 

If you are sewing for family and friends or donating masks, There is no charge for the supplies.

 If you are picking up, THERE IS NO CHARGE!! 

If you are selling masks, please email for a negotiated price.

 if you cannot pick up, there is a $2 charge for delivery

per order (not per item) - See PayPal Below


 All items are while supplies last.

Pick up instructions are below 

Available Supplies


1/8  inch White

1/4  inch Black

1/4 inch White

White Stretch Cord

Nose bars

pipe cleaners

floral wire

elastic locks -   pack of 20

1 inch black 4 hole button-   pack of 20

1 inch White 4 hole Button -  pack of 20

Head bands (varied colors) 

Alcohol Wipes -  pack of 20



Order will be at my mailbox.

13 Corey Rd. Ashburnham.

There is a plastic bag at the mailbox.

It will be in a package with your name on it.

Please take the package with your name on it so that I can tell who hasn't picked theirs up.

Let me know when you run out as I plan on doing this for the duration.  

After I have confirmed your order, you do not have to text.

The package will be waiting for you and you can pick it up at your leisure.