Personal Statement
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Thomas Graham

Personal Statement



Computer technology has an application in virtually every vocation in the world. The applications are as endless as our dreams. With more and more of our lives, becoming computerized there will be more of a need for experienced people who can build, program and repair computers.

             Video gaming skills are essential in today's electronic rich world. Video gaming skills are crucial in communications, system analysis, design, software development, hardware engineering, data encryption, robotics, and security. 

             I was fortunate enough to spend this past summer at Becker College’s Game design studio. I was part of a team which developed a working video game. It was an exceptional learning experience. At the conclusion, I achieved The Outstanding Academic Achievement Award and The Aspiring Scholar Award along with a scholarship for future study. The experience reinforced that programming is where I need to be.

             I have been studying information technology in vocational school. I have worked on the school's, "help desk" addressing the school's technology issues. This experience has confirmed the need for me to seek additional education in the computer industry. My hobby and love of computers will someday be my career.

            I am not afraid of putting my all into pursuing a vocation that will have a significant impact on the world and me. By studying computers full time, I hope to make my parents, my future family and myself proud of the work I have put in and the advances I have made in the world.


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