Info Tech - Year 2 & 3

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 Information Technology Level II 4.5 credits Students will learn intermediate level techniques in computer repair and networking.

The curriculum includes online resources from Testout and Cisco Academy Coursework. Cisco IT Essentials and Testout are taught in the first two terms. Introduction to Networking is taught in the second two terms of the sophomore year.

The student will begin learning how to perform Help Desk Support. Students will be introduced to Skills USA PDP level 2.



Information Technology Level III 4.5 credits Students will advance their knowledge of computer network setup and operation and will begin learning the operation of the school’s Help Desk. Students will continue the Cisco Networking curriculum with the Routing and Switching Essentials course to prepare them for industry standard certifications such as the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT). Cyber security concepts will be introduced. Students will learn how to defend a network against outside intrusion. Students will advance their knowledge of web design with HTML coding and software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Students will develop web sites for the school intranet, as well as, outside organizations and gain the skills to complete the Certified Internet Web (CIW) Professional Certification. Programming concepts will be introduced through programming the VEX robotics platform and/or designing mobile apps.