Sol Keys
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 Sol Keys

Designed with a team during 

Becker College 


Summer Game Design Studio.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Screenshot of the title screen


Screenshot of the tutorial level  
I programmed the Juggernaut chasing the player, the Health and "Enemies Left" text, the health potion pickup on the left, the brown door above the player, and the controls seen at the bottom. 
When an enemy is destroyed, the "Enemies Left" tally will decrease by one. 
Once all the enemies are eliminated, the counter will change to-- "Head for Exit." 
Once all enemies are annihilated, and each level key is found, the exit door will open.

 I programmed the bow functions. 
The player must hold down the bow button for a moment before releasing to shoot an arrow.  
Bow cannot move while aiming.

The sword attack
I programmed the sword attack. 
When the sword button is pressed, an invisible sprite swings out in front of the player representing the sword

Screenshot of the of the drone enemy
I programmed the drone's behavior. 
The drones are not designed to move, but shoot projectiles that follow the player, as shown by the right drone.  
Projectiles are shot every few seconds.

Bow to Laser Rifle upgrade
The rifle is an upgrade for the bow. 
I programmed the rifle's behavior and the transition between bow and rifle. The player does not need to hold the button to shoot a projectile as he had before. 
Tapping the rifle button will shoot a small projectile with the same strength of the bow's arrows. 
Holding the button for a moment will shoot a larger projectile with double the power. 
Also, notice the Key counter on the User Interface, this shows how many Keys the player has collected, and any updated control icons. 
The rifle icon depicts the upgrade from bow to rifle.
The sword icon shows an upgraded sword that does double the damage of the original sword.

The Shield
I programmed the shield behavior. 
While the shield button is held, a blue bubble will form around the player, protecting them from all incoming damage (Enemy collision or drone projectiles). 
The player can still perform many actions while the shield is active.
It is tricky to press movement buttons, the shield button, and an attack button at the same time. 

Download BowScript.cs

Download PlayerScript cs

Download Sol Keys V1.5.apk